Investment: The PFO Way

The Patel Family Office is a privately held, third-generation entrepreneur-run family office with over 70 years of history. The family started with cotton syndication in Manchester, UK, and then transitioned to the department store business, eventually building a chain of over 30 stores by 1986. After exiting the UK business, the family replicated it in the US, eventually acquired motels, and transitioned from single hotel owners to portfolio owners.

Today, we are one of the oldest hospitality families in the United States with decades of experience developing 50+, owning 400+, and managing 500+ hotel properties across all segments. Beyond hospitality, we have invested in other US real estate assets including multifamily housing, and have ventured into other sectors including healthcare, technology, fintech, edtech, media, and entertainment. To date, we have invested in over 600 companies and currently hold investments in over 200 entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our family office is woman-owned & woman-managed; accordingly, we adhere to an investment philosophy focused on S.H.E.


Lakes and Nature

We are solving the growing problem of biodiversity loss caused by disorganized human settlements around the country’s largest lakes by developing nature-synced master-planned communities and assisting natural regeneration.

Sustainability in Investments

in Investments

In this ESG-centric era, our commitment to sustainability permeates our investment portfolio. We firmly believe that integrating ethical and sustainable principles into our financial strategies not only yields positive returns but also enhances the well-being of the planet and society as a whole.


Solving America’s
Housing Problem

We are solving the country’s housing problem by building America’s first national, branded attainable housing company with 75,000 units across 50 states.



We believe every woman deserves equal birthing rights. We operate several healthcare establishments in the maternity care field, including some that focus on high-risk pregnancies, and have recently acquired birthing centers as part of our healthcare portfolio.


Ownership & Culture

We’re committed to creating culturally rich spaces that offer both comfort and luxury in hospitality. By tokenizing hotel rooms, we’re revolutionizing the industry, enabling everyone to own and earn from hotels in the US and UK, fostering financial stability and cultural preservation simultaneously.

Energy & Environment


As stewards of the environment, we recognize the urgent need for a transition to sustainable energy practices. Our commitment to environment and responsible energy solutions is at the forefront of our initiatives, driving us to play a pivotal role in the global effort to combat climate change.



We operate a think tank organization that is the most trusted and largest platform for sovereign wealth fund pension funds, public funds, and endowments. We are focused on bringing transparency and accountability to the global asset management space.


Capital Accessibility
for Entrepreneurs

We are building a large co-investment opportunity platform that provides a comprehensive solution for UHNIs, family offices, startups, and investors worldwide to invest in new ideas.

Our Story In Numbers